The metal detector system in Pharmaceutical segment is widely used for detecting the external contamination in Tablets / Capsules.

The system for Tablet can be used in combination with vertical deduster system, which is specially designed high end equipment to remove the powder deposited / available on the tablet. The equipment is placed at the discharge of compression machine. Tablets are passed through the vertical deduster initially. The output of the deduster is feed to the metal detector unit, which checks for the external metal contamination in the Tablet.

The metal detector system can also be used for in capsule line. Normally, the system is placed after polishing of capsules, in the line. However, due to space constraint, sometimes, the units are placed after filling and before polishing.

On occurrence of Pharma Metal Detector contamination in the product, the actuation of rejection mechanism initiated and tablets / capsules are isolated / segregated from the main stream. The rejected tablets / capsules are collected in the collection bin provided with the system and good tablets / capsules are collected in the container, placed at the discharge.

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Following are the models available suitable for Pharmaceutical Segment.

  • Digital Metal Detector System, model JTS HS 30.
  • Combo Deduster with Metal Detector – Digital Metal Detector System
    with Vertical Deduster model JTS HS 30.

Pharma Metal Detector JTS HS 30 is an Eddy current based Digital Metal Detection system designed for Pharmaceutical industry for detecting metal contamination in tablets / capsules, preferably installed after Deduster. The system is designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirement and hygienic standards of pharmaceutical industry.

Salient Features:

  • Extremely High Detection System for All Metals
  • Sophisticated Intelligent Software to Detect Minute Metal Particles in Addition to Phase Sensitive Detection
  • Certified Validation samples provided
  • Auto Setting Facility
  • Continuous ON Line Self Check Monitoring system
  • Built in Self diagnostic System on LCD display
  • Validation using prompt
  • 100 Product Memory
  • Security levels provided
  • Reject time stamping
  • Fail Safe Mechanism
  • Digital control and signal processing
  • Set parameter data retention on loss of power
  • Buzzer and LED indication on detection of metal contamination
  • LCD bargraph / numeric display to monitor noise and signal
  • Swiveling type Equipment Panel with Display

Area of Application

  • Tablets, Capsules, Gel Capsules

Combo Deduster + Metal Detector consists of vertical bottom to top Deduster integrated with Digital Metal Detector. The Deduster is provided with frequency and power control drive ensuring effective Dedusting and Deburring. The entire Dedusting settings are controlled from the Metal Detector. The inlet can be rotated through 360 o and hence the same can be used for Right or Left outlet of compression machine conveniently. The system is designed to ensure ease for cleaning and the entire Deduster assembly can be dismantled and assembled with in minutes without any tools.


  • Frequency and Voltage (Power) Control for Optimum Dedusting and Deburring
  • Deduster is Fully Integrated with Metal Detector
  • No Outside Vibrations
  • Very Low Audio Noise

Areas of Application

  • Tablets