• Pipe line metal detection system for liquid products is an ideal solution for compliance in pumped liquid,paste and slured products.
  • These machines are designed with high precision & high quality material to mee HACCP,FDA criteria’s.
  • We provide Pipeline Metal Detectors.Fabricate dusing premium grade raw materials and electronic components,the Pipeline Metal Detector available with us issurely the right choice torely up on.Our Pipeline Type Metal Detectoris suitable for detecting Confectionary items,Pulps,and Ketchup.This Pipeline Metal Detector has high sensitivity to detect Ferousmetals,Non-Ferousmetals and stainless steel.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel material construction and heavy duty components combines with pneumatic valve provides compensation of high temperatur eand high pressure environment,easy to wet wash after each batch production enables to maintain high hygiene standards.
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