Where there is a will, There is a way

The group was incorporated in 1992 and its current activity is manufacturing tablet tools for the Pharmaceutical, Rapid Mixer Granulator,Pharmaceutical powders sifter, Pharmaceutical Batch Mixer, Ayurvedic, Candy, Storage Battery and Ceramic Industries for the home and global market.

The group is a merchant exporter in the field of pharmaceutical machinery and is a single source for a variety of machinery required by any manufacturer in the field. Our manufacturing locations at Ahmedabad (India) with a consolidated land area of 10,000 sp.mts We offer tablet compression toolings of various shapes like Round, Capsoule, Oval and many more shapes as per demand by customer for various compression machines as per T.S.M. & euro standards.

What do pharmaceutical, ayurvedic, candy, storage battery, and ceramic manufacturers have in common? They need for superior quality tooling from Jayshree Tablet Science Company! Jayshree supplies a spectrum of quality tablet compression tools and part to companies all over the world in many different industries.

Being traveler is more dynamic rather than reach to the destination Right-now our vision to reach the Jayshree Tablet Science as one of the leading manufacturer of tablet compression toolings in World Map, but we know world is not enough at all…

We are also under continues developments of technological up-gradation that will give us good success in coming future & provide us ability to manufacture any shaped tools for any industries.


  • Constituting a diversified business portfolio as much in number of customers as in variety of sectors.
  • Consolidating the relationships with new customers and get the recognizing of their professionals.
  • Maintaining a constant and sustained growth while the market situation allows it.
  • Making quality improvement and innovation our the basis of our daily work.


  • Finding technical solutions for the industrial sector and its production processes related to mechanics, by using the latest technologies and materials available.


  • Orientation toward customers and results: to guarantee the continuance of the company and its future service to customers, as well as the stability of its collaborators.

  • Valuing human resources : JAYSHREE main resource is its people, their experience and their professional and technical knowledge. Their professional and personal development is our priority, and respecting and trusting them is a fundamental basis.

  • Customer satisfaction: it is the guarantee of success.

  • Priority to innovation: as much for technology as for management.

  • Quality: determined by all the members of the team, be them internal or external ones, quality must be driven by our philosophy of providing our customers with an added value.

  • Team work: transparent communication, availability, cooperation and constant effort.

Quality Policy Statement

Delivering a quality service at all times requires our Company to look beyond the present and to focus on the developments which will increase the value of the organisation for all of its stakeholders, generate future competitiveness, lead to the delivery of services in a consistent manner, operate as a learning organisation at all times and lead to more effective use of resources.

Service excellence cannot be achieved in the short-term, nor can our Company ever truly say that we have ‘achieved’ excellence because it’s a journey not a destination; the quest for excellence will mean that our Company is constantly pushing the bar to get even better at what we do.

It is perhaps a cliché today to talk in terms of achieving total customer satisfaction but if our goal is to strive for service excellence that is precisely what we must attain. It is vital that we strive to set our business apart from others in terms of service quality. There are many average businesses in our sector, but the number of truly outstanding companies is few.

Therefore, the journey to excellence requires our Company to ‘think’ as much as it does to ‘do’, and reflecting on what makes (or can make) our business special and unique is not time wasted, but time saved because based on the answers we find to such questions, we will do more of the right things in future.

The Management Team of JAYSHREE TABLET SCIENCE is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system and the customer experience through training of our employees, continued collection of customer feedback, auditing of our performance, setting and reviewing our Quality Objectives each year and ensuring the suitability of the Quality Management System so we can deliver customer satisfaction on a sustainable basis. This can only be achieved though the support of our employees and their compliance at all times with our processes and procedures.

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