We, at JAYSHREE have improved the existing tip assembly method into a solid multi-tip type. The advanced technology in the manufacturing process for multi-tip punches has many advantages such as:

Increased productivity due to more space

More tips can be installed in place of the bolts that were on the existing assembly punch. Without the bolts, there can be an increased number of tips, and the number of tables as per turret rotation is multiplied.

Secure single body structural increase stability

Because the punch body, cap, and tips are made as one solid barrel, it is structurally soli so, less maintenance is required.

Increase accuracy

Not using punches fabricated with the assembly method results in a higher degree of accuracy.

No maintenance

Since the multi-tip punch is not a bolt assembly type, it decreases the tool cleaning time and frequency of its maintenance.

Affordable price

Less fabrication time and a simpler production process help JAYSHREE offer more reasonable price to our customers.

Solid Multi Tip Punches - strip packing machine manufacturer in ahmedabad
Tablet punches & dies manufacturer
Solid Multi-Tip Punches - Blister packing machine manufacturer
Solid Multi-Tip Punches - Blister packing machine manufacturer
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Solid Multi Tip Punches - tablet punch die manufacturers in India
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