The Leading Manufacturer of Tablet Compression Tooling, Tablet Compression Machines in India

Our experience in numerous applications from pharmaceutical tooling to industrial tooling has persuaded us that Tablet Compression Tooling can’t be produced without the aid of quality raw materials in adherence to strict specifications. Pharmaceutical tooling is formed from high-nickel, high-chrome shock steel that must meet Jayshree Tablet Science requirements before being considered further. It doesn’t matter if you call it to punch and die tooling, compression tools or tablet tooling; the final product is still the same. It is tooling that will produce a tablet that is very important to every related business.

Retaining knowledge of today’s latest equipment, techniques and processes is no easy task. Not only we do invest continuously in new technology; employees are constantly undergoing training and honing their skills. We take a certain pride in the work we do and the equipment we use. Matching the finest machinists with the finest machinery makes for an unbeatable combination and production, R&D department redesigns and modifies machinery to further improvement and speed production. To complete the loop, Jayshree Tablet Science depends upon its meticulous in-process and final inspections to confirm the quality of tablet compression tooling. Inspectors utilize the latest QC technology. Ultimately, all compression tooling transmitted will meet or exceed the customer’s specifications as well as our own very stringent standards.

We can optimize production using the most appropriate solution, be it tooling optimization or press setting. Over many years we have developed hands-on techniques to overcome most production issues and routinely offer training on all varied aspects of Tablet Compression Tooling. We manufacture press-specific tooling to support virtually any tablet press machine on the market today. From unique sizes to specialty shapes, our team of experts will design custom punches and dies to meet your needs. Our highly trained team of experts extensively researches and evaluates every tablet tooling design before manufacturing begins. These help to keep guarantee that every punch and die we manufacture lives up its name.

If you are interested in tablet compression tooling and would like to request a tablet drawing or pricing for your current tooling requirements please contact us for further information.


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