Advantage:High Corrosion Resistance, High Wearing Resistance
Applicable Tooling :For Upper & Lower Punches Tips
Area :Punch Tip Coating
It Is A Strong Coating For Corrosion And Wearing And The Hardness Is 2 Times Harder Than Standard Hard Chrome Coating. It Applys The Toolings Considering Where The Punches Require High Corrosion Resistance And High Wear Resistance

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  • Advantage:Corrosion Resistance, Anti Sticking, Wearing Resistance
  • Applicable Tooling:For Upper & Lower Punches
  • Area:Punch Tip Coating
    It Is Well Knowforanti Stickingproperties. . It Provides Longer Life Against High Tonnage Pressure
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Advantage:Corrosion Resistance, Anti Sticking And Anti Rusting
Applicable Tooling:For Upper & Lower Punches
Area:Punch Coating,
Pharma Grade Treatment. Anti Sticking And Wear Resistance On Punch Tip, And Rust Preventive By Whole Punch Coating

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