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Double Rotary Tableting Machine is a fast mechanical gadget that packs the fixings into required tablet shape with outrageous exactness. Its deals with the standard of pressure where a tablet is been shaped by activity of punches and kicks the bucket. The fundamental standard behind the tablet pressure machine is water powered pressing factor. This pressing factor is communicated unreduced through the static liquid. Any remotely applied pressing factor is communicated through static liquid to every one of the headings in a similar extent.
Double Rotary Tablet Press - STD - Rotary tableting machine manufacturer
It likewise makes it conceivable to increase the power on a case by case basis. We have many sorts, series, and models of rotating tablet squeezing machines to fulfill the creation need. There are essentially three series as a fundamental model, overhaul essential models and progressed fast models. The double rotary tablet press machine is intended to work with this interaction. A DOUBLE ROTORY TABLETTING MACHINE is utilized to deliver clear and straightforward tablets from powdered material. It is an especially generally utilized machine in different areas like Pharmaceutical, Herbal medication delivering industry, Ceramics, and different businesses that are identified with this industry. A double rotary Tableting machine is intended to work proficiently, the machine packs the tablets with greatest neatness and availability. Thusly this improves on the support of the Rotary pressure machine. Any machine administrator can undoubtedly work the Double rotating Tableting machine. There is no much issue in its tasks.

Double rotary Tableting machine accompanies different functional components, which are referenced beneath:

Technical Data
Model JTS-27 JTS-27 JTS-35 JTS-45
Version Standard Standard Standard Standard
Tooling B D B BB
Max. diameter 15.8mm 25mm 15.8mm 11.1mm
Max. depth of fill 17.4mm 19mm 17.4mm 17.4mm
Max. output/min. 1520 1520` 1960 2520
Max. operating pressure 6.5 tons 10 tons 6.5 tons 6.5 tons

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