The selection of the correct steel materials to BUILT each SUGGESTION from our customers always comes first, to DEVELOP the best TOOLINGS FOR TABLETS. To proceed better tabletting process with its long lasting durability, these following CRITERIA have to be considered,

  • Tabletting Pressure Require On Individual Punch
  • Chemical Composition Of Tablet Material
  • Cup Depth &Size Of Tip
  • Break Line Shapes And Location
  • Turret Rpm
  • Abrasive/Corrosive Nature Of Products
  • Mechanical Condition Of Tablet Press New/Old

Selecting the proper steel for the tool improves its quality and functionality as below.

  • Toughness In Tools
  • :Resist To Chipping, Cracking And Punch Tip Breakage With Regular Use
  • Wear Resistance Against Tablet Material
  • Resistance To Abrasive Wear Of Punch Tips And Die Bores
  • Hardness
  • Resistance To Impregnation From Hard And Sharp Granules
  • Corrosion Resistance Require Or Not For Specific Material
  • Resistance To Oxidizing, Staining, And Discoloration
  • Compressive Strength If It Is High Compressive Force Require
  • Resistance To Die Bore Ringing And Plastic Deformation Of Punch Tip Edges