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The Automatic Capsule Loader is sturdy, compact in design and simple in operation. Capsule Loader is suitable to fill loading tray of manual capsule filling machine automatically. Machine is preferred choice of medium & small scale pharmaceutical units for producing capsule products. It gives higher production at lower cost and better standards of accuracy.
Automatic Capsule Loader


The loader automatically loads the empty capsules in the loading plate for the manually operated capsule filling machine, hence it takes normally 5 minutes to load an empty capsule in 300 holes loading plate manually, this machine cuts down that time to only 30 seconds. With the help of one Capsule Loader, you can fill loading plates of 2-3 capsule filling machines, Automatic Capsule Loader. Thus increase the production on one hand and reduce the number of operators & equipment coast on the other hands.

Production Output

Fill 300- holes plate in 30 seconds & provide output up to 36,000 Capsule/hour


The machine is manufactured to suit the following capsule size combination 00/0/1/2/3 or 4/5

Salient Features

Technical Data
Production Rate 36000 Capsules/hour
Power Supply 0.25 H.P.
Electrical Characteristics 220 volts, Single phase, 50 Hertz
Overall Dimension
Length Width Height 630 mm 430 mm 780 mm
Net Weight 75 kgs approx.
Gross Weight 120 kgs approx.

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