Food Metal Detection Systems( Conveyour Type)

JAYSHREE MICRO SCAN Metal Detection Systems are designed to meet the strict demands of the bulk food and packaged food industries monitoring for metal impurities.

Our metal detectors operate on the inductive measuring principle. A high frequency electromagnetic alternating field is generated. If a food metal detection system object passes through the metal detector, the detector experiences a change in the field based on the magnetic and electrical properties of the metal object. All types of metals (i.e. non-ferrous, ferrous, and stainless) are detected.

Pharmaceutical Machinery - Food Metal Detection Systems
The metal detector is integrated with a conveyor. Metal passing through the food metal detection systems unit will be detected and optional devices can be used to reject the contaminated product. Metal detectors can be integrated with existing production lines or provided with a conveyor specifically matched to the requirements. Basic systems can be built with a simple stop alarm whilst more sophisticated designs can include failsafe systems to ensure contaminated product is rejected.

Automatic Reject Devices

Automatic rejection systems are designed as an integral part of the conveyor metal detector package.A wide variety of rejection systems can be used on any conveyor, as shown in the following illustrations, to insure contaminated product is removed without disruption to product flow. Contaminated product will be automatically rejected without impeding product flow.

Design Considerations

Testing Procedure

When testing a conveyor system normal product flow should be maintained. This will allow for a realistic test of all aspects of the conveyor system. A test package should be created with an embedded metal test piece, such that it is located in the center of the aperture when passing through the metal detector. This test package should be introduced into the regular flow before the metal detector conveyor and allowed to be automatically rejected by the reject mechanism.

All rectangular aperture metal detectors are custom designed for use in a wide range of conveyorized applications including loose raw materials, processed products or packaged, finished products. Micro Scan metal detectors with a single frequency are suitable for dry and wet environments offering cost-effective metal detection. Our metal detectors are suitable for the inspection of large products and packs such as bulk bags, sacks, and boxes.

Salient Features

Technical Data
Detection Method Balanced Coil
Detection Ability Ferrous, Non-Ferrous, and Stainless Steel metal contaminations.
Detection Adjustment Sensitive, Phase Angle, Timmer
Tunnel Width Depends upon the Products
Tunnel High Depends upon the Products (Custom Build)
Alarm Method Audion (Buzzer) & Visual (LED)
Belt Speed Adjustable
Power Source AC110V/220V 50-60HZ
Rated Output Appr.140W
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