Model :-Capseal II

CAPSEAL II has been developed especially with a view to meet the exact needs of the packaging industry.The system’s reliability is a direct result of Electronics Devices expertise in inverter and sealing head design. The combination allows manufacturers to seal containers efficiently at desired line speeds.

Induction Cap Sealing
Input 230V ± 10% V AC, 10 Amps, Single Phase
Max. Line Speed 50 feet/minute
Cap Size 20-120 mm
Net Wt./Packed Wt 150 Kg/270 Kg
Dimensions 650mm (W) X 600 mm (D) X 1650mm (H)


Physical Design Features


This system has many optional value added accessories like :-

Operational & Protection Design Features

•  Water Cooling System

SIGMA I houses the most efficient water cooling system. It consists of a pump, a small SS storage tank, water flow monitoring switch, cooling fans & a radiator.

•  Versatile

Small in size but big on performance, CAPSEAL-II will Seal closure from 20mm to 120mm.

•  Speed

CAPSEAL-II is designed to seal at the rate of 110-130 containers / min.

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